Reservation Conditions

1. Reservations

1.1. To reservations, service fees, changes to reservations and remaining services, a value will be applied according to the existing tables at the given time, added by the costs charged by suppliers, namely, in case of changes in reservations.

1.2. The form referring to the reservation of service request must contain every necessary element for processing.

1.3. The prices mentioned in 1.1. are due for every reservation request, service provision or supply of goods and products and will be charged to the Client at the moment of acceptance of the reservation, service provision request of supply of goods and products by the Operator.

1.4. The prices mentioned in 1.1. will not be reimbursed to the Client in case of not usage or fruition of the service or object of reservation, as well by any other reason that is not attributed to the Operator, and if the cancellation occurs under 30 days of the scheduled date for the service provision.


2. Price Changes

2.1. The Operator reserves the right to, up to 20 days prior to the journey date, change the price of the trip if this increase is due to variations in transport or fuel costs, the rights, taxes or fees chargeable or currency fluctuations, communicating such changes to the Client.

2.2. The change will be calculated proportionally to the price variation of the factors that influence the very same change.

2.3. The non-acceptance by the Client of the price increase, according to the law, gives the Client the right to cancel the service in the same terms and conditions as those expressed in “Impossibility to Comply” chapter.


3. Reimbursement

After the start of a journey, no reimbursement is due for services not used by the Client. The non-provision of services included in the program by causes not attributed to the Operator, in case these are impossible to be replaced by equivalent services, confers the Client the right to be reimbursed with the difference of the price of the contracted services and the those actually provided, without prejudice of the stipulated on the 10.4 of these General Conditions.


4. Booking Concession

4.1. The Client may give his reservation, being replaced by another person that fills all the requirements for the journey, as long he informs the Agency in written, with at least 7 days prior and the different service suppliers included in the journey accept the replacement.

4.2. For cruises and air travels, the days to inform are 15.

4.3. The booking concession grants responsibility equally to both substitute and yielder for the payment of the price and additional fees originated by the concession.


5. Forfeiture

If communicated 30 days prior to the scheduled date for the service provision, the Client may forfeit the booking, by written communication, having right to be refunded of what he paid minus the following costs:

5.1. Management fees that the Operator had for the acquisition of reservations and a value that can go up to 15% of the total cost;

5.2. Annulment fees non-reimbursed by suppliers (accommodation, transports, guided tours and other services);

5.3. If the forfeiture is communicated under 30 days prior to the scheduled date for the provision of the service, the cancelation policy will apply.


6. Changes

6.1. If the suppliers of the journey permit, whenever a Client, booked for a given travel, wishes to change his booking to another trip or even the same but with a different departure date, or any other change, must pay a fee, for alteration costs. However, when the change is made with at least 30 days prior to the date of departure, for which the Client has booked, or if the suppliers do not accept the change, it is subject to the payment of the costs mentioned in the chapter “Forfeiture”.

6.2. Once the service starts, if the change of the hired services is requested, by reasons not attributed to the Operator (i.e. increase the number of nights of the stay) the prices of the services may not correspond to those posted on the website in which was booked.


7. Complaints

7.1. Only the ones in written in a period that not exceeds 20 days after the end of the service provision, will be considered.

7.2. Complaints can only be accepted if communicated to the service providers (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the stay or trip, demanding the respective documents proving the occurrence.

7.3. The non-timely delivery of the complaint and documents constitutes cause for non-liability of the Operator.

7.4. In case of complaint for the failure in provide the hired services, the Client may activate the deposit provided under the terms of the applicable law, for such should file the complaint to the Turismo de Portugal I.P. in the period of 20 working days after the end of the journey.


8. Changes

8.1. Every time there are fundamental reasons that justify, the Operator may change the conditions contained in the program, namely the order of courses, the time of departure or replace any of the accommodations planned by other of similar category and location.

8.2. If unforeseen circumstances force the journey to be canceled, the Client will always be reimbursed of the quantities payed.


9. Impossibility to Comply

9.1. If by facts not attributed to the Operator and is unable of fulfilling any service of those are part of the program, the Client has the right to forfeit the journey, being immediately reimbursed of all quantities payed, or, as alternative, accept a change in the services and eventual change in price.

9.2. If the mentioned facts not attributed to the Operator come to determine the annulment of the service, the Client may choose to participate in another trip accepting a change to the contract and eventual variation in price.

9.3. If the journey suggested for replacement is of inferior price, the Client will be reimbursed of the difference.

9.4. No reimbursement is due for services that, even though available to the Clients, he chooses not to use them.


10. Program Cancellations by the Agency

The Operator reserves the right to cancel an organized trip in case the number of participants is under a required minimum. In these cases, the Client will be informed in written at least 8 days prior to the date of the service, being the Operator free of any liability for the cancellation.


11. Special Conditions for Children

Due to the variety of conditions applied to children, depending on age, the service provider and the journey dates, it is recommended to always question the special conditions that may exist, which face to the specificity of the situation will have information accordingly.


12. Documentation

12.1 The Client must have in his possession all the personal and family documentation in good order (identity card, minor authorization, passports, visas, vaccine certificates and other that may be requested. The Personal identification Document is not valid to cross Portuguese borders). The Operator declines any responsibility by the refusal of visas or the entrance of the Client on a foreign country; in these cases, conditions for “annulment of travels” apply, with any cost to be charged, being responsibility of the Client.

12.2. Clients that are foreign citizens must have all necessary documentation (passport, visa, residence permit, etc) to travel or transit inside the European Union depending on the nationality. For travels partly or completely outside the European Union, visas and other special documentation may be needed. Always consult the Embassy or Consulate of the destination countries of your journey.

12.3 In any case the Operator may be responsible, directly or indirectly, for the refusal of visa issuance or the non-entrance of the Client in any country,


13. Limitation of Liability

13.1. The Operator's liability limit is the maximum eligible amount to the service providers, in the terms of the Montreal Convention, of May 28th 1999, over International Air Transport, and the Bern Convention, of 1961, over Carriage of Goods by Train.

13.2. Concerning water transportation, the liability of Operators, towards their Clients, for the service provided of transportation, or accommodation, when applicable, by maritime transportation companies, in the case of damage result of malice of negligence by these companies, the limits will be set by law.


14. Dietary Guidelines

14.1. B&B (Bed and Breakfast) - just breakfast;

14.2. HB (Half Board) - includes breakfast and dinner. Beverages not included;

14.3. FB (Full Board) - includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Beverages not included;

14.4 - AI (All Included) - included breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks and beverages such as water, juices and wine. The choice may increase depending on destination and hotel chain.
You must confirm with the Operator what is included in your “All Included” in respect to your reservation.

14.5. Any specific request concerning meals is always subject to confirmation by the supplier and may imply additional costs.


15. Departure and Arrival Times

15.1. In travels that include bus transportation the schedule is estimated.

15.2. Are exceptions delays result from technical reasons or other related to the means of transportation, the transport companies or motivated by natural causes.


16. Accommodation and Schedule

16.1. The group, classification and denomination of the accommodation are determined by the welcoming condition. The relation of hotels and apartments included in the program is indicative, as well the category. Concerning accommodation, are applicable the following particular rules:

- Apartments. It is the Client´s full responsibility to inform the number of persons (adults and infants) that will occupy the accommodation. In case more people show up than those reserved, the hosts may decline entrance.

- Hotels: The rates presented are per person and are based in the occupation of a double bedroom. Not all hotels have triple rooms, being added an extra bed to a double bedroom. When rooms are equipped with two large or king size beds, it is considered, in most cases, that the triple is composed by these two beds.

- Schedule: As rule of thumb, bedrooms may be used from 2 p.m. of the arrival day and must be checked out before 12 a.m. of the departure day. On apartments, entrance usually is done at 5 p.m. of the arrival day, and check out before 10 a.m. of the departure day. The keys are returned within the normal working hours of the offices, in the reception, in a place designated by the Agency.


17. Luggage

17.1. The Client has the obligation to report to the service provider when luggage is lost, deteriorated or destroyed.

17.2. In International transportation, in case of luggage damage, the complaint has to be filed in written to the carrier immediately after the detection of the damage, to a maximum of 7 days after the delivery.

17.3. The complaint will be essential for the activation of the Operator's liability over the service provider.


18. Liability

The Operator's liability, resulting of the assumed obligations, with covered by an indemnity insurance by the Insurance Company Zurich, under the policy number 7612669, for a total of EUR: €75.000, according to the applicable law.


19. Payment Methods

The Client may pay the services by VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, ATM or others, if previously agreed by the Operator.


20. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions, as well any relation between Experience D´Ouro travels and the User, are governed by the Portuguese Law. Except norms expressly indicated, both parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts for any issue resulting of the existence, content and/or interpretation of these Terms and General Conditions or of any relation between the Experience D´Ouro Travels and the User.