The Presidencial

1 - 10 Persons

Full Day Experience

When the river appears majestically by our side, it feels as if our feet are lifted off the ground, leaving us breathless.The river will accompany the rest of our journey, it will be our brilliant cicerone.

Considered one of the 10 most luxurious trains in the world by Forbes magazine, this dream train has everything for a magnificent and unforgettable trip.

Feel like a prince or a princess soon as you enter this train that once carried Kings, Queens, Presidents and even a Pope and start a unique journey. Apart from a unique train you will have, to cook together for you, three Chefs with Michelin stars along other rising stars in the culinary world.

Along the Douro Valley, on this journey full of stories and breathtaking panoramic views, you will also be able to visit an absolutely exclusive Quinta: Vesúvio. Dated from 1565 this quinta has a legendary reputation being considered part of the Douro's elite.
And we cannot forget to speak about the wine pairing, all the wines will be Niepoort. Unique and in an elegant and unmistakable profile these wines will also take you on a sensory journey through the Douro, Bairrada and Dão.