Summer Break: Lisbon and Alentejo

Day 1

We will waiting for you at the airport to take you to the hotel and will start a vacations of pure relaxation between Lisbon and the Alentejo. For your total comfort you will always be transported in a luxury vehicle where you will have access to wifi so that you can share every moment of your trip and contact those you like best (unless you want to share different experiences with yourself). We especially choose for you a 5 star hotel full of tradition, if you prefer we also have other suggestions between design, romance, boutique hotels or pure luxury, tell us your dream and we will find the perfect places to relax at the end of the fantastic days that we prepared for you.

Leaving the airport, with our guide and local host, you will travel through the most traditional districts of Lisbon, from Graça to Alfama, from Madragoa to Príncipe Real through narrow streets, places that have always grown there and extended clothes will live a unique experience and enjoy the true sentiment of neighborhood lived in the capital of Portugal.

We will pause for a delicious lunch at the premium restaurant that may be the World Winner of the Monocle Restaurant Awards 2017, the 100 Maneiras. Indulge in the incredible flavors created by the chef Ljubomir Stanisic and relax. Next we will continue to walk through the oldest and most iconic districts of Lisbon, leaving in the afternoon the Bairro Alto, Chiado (where you can stop for some shopping) and the Terreiro do Paço area to enjoy a quiet river view and one of the most emblematic of the country and one of the largest squares in Europe.

After some time to relax, sunbathe or drink a glass of wine with river view we will continue for dinner and here we have some suggestions all of them among the Michellin stars of this year: Belcanto (by chef José Avillez, 2 *), Alma of the chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, 2 *) or, in a different register, the Feitoria (chef João Rodrigues, 1 *).

After checking in you will have time to relax, we have exciting days waiting for you.

Day 2

We will be waiting for you at the hotel and leave for Sintra for an absolutely unforgettable sightseeing tour in this UNESCO World Heritage Village and where every curve shows you a way, through history, to a dream land.

We will start by entering in Quinta da Regaleira, where the gardens will certainly amaze you and where the sky is the limit. There is a passage through the “Castelo dos Mouros” where you can imagine the trotting of the horses and you will be able to embrace the whole region with a single glance. We keep for the end of the tour the Pena Palace because there are no words to describe the beauty, considered one of the seven wonders of Portugal and being one of the first palaces in Europe here you can see everything recreated as once was. You will cross with and visit the kings' rooms, stroll through enchanted gardens where you can see secular trees, lakes and listen to nature.

After the visit we continue our trip to “Cabo da Roca” where we will stop to recover energy with a wonderful traditional lunch with sea view. You will fall in love by this place that is the most western point of Europe where rocks rise from the sea to the sky giving you a breathtaking view.
We will finish this tour with a trip along the coast to Lisbon, passing by Cascais with its luxurious villas and beautiful beaches and Estoril where the beaches extend along the village, we will follow slowly in a path that is relaxing and full communion with the sea.

Arriving in Lisbon we will return to Bairro Alto to feel the tradition with a regional menu in a true Lisbon fado house where you can enjoy the show and the music that characterizes this city and Portugal.

Return to the hotel to pack and a well-deserved rest, tomorrow is the day to go to another destination.

Day 3

Our host and guide well be waiting for you at the hotel to take you to the Alentejo where we will start by check in at your hotel and a brief moment to refresh yourself. Once again the Hotel will be selected according to your profile to complement these days of dream, luxury, design, boutique, difficult will be just the choice.

We continue our journey, starting now to explore the wonderful Alentejo, a region very different from what comes in the tourist guides. Its green plains and sunflower fields, the vineyards that stretch to the horizon, wine estates that goes up to you lose sight and its people who only know how to welcome as if from a long-standing friend you were. It is the other side of this magnificent region where time passes more slowly and the sunny days stretch between walks and delicious snacks.

We will arrive at one of our secret places, a family run wine estate where we will make a private and exclusive visit, accompanied by the oenologist, the wine estate and the cellar followed by a commented wine tasting where we begin to learn a little more about the Alentejo wine in a premium tasting where you will experience the full range.

We now leave for our final moment of the day for an amazing time. We have the right hostess to welcome you, show you one of the most amazing heritages of your home, while savoring renowned wines on an odd occasion. Dinner will be served in an imposing hall with a menu prepared especially for a unique wine pairing.

We will continue to the hotel where you will have time to relax.

Day 4

Our guide and host will be waiting for you to continue our sightseeing tour, today we will go through villages lost in time, walls that rise up to the sky in enchanted castles, and small scenic villages with their white houses and welcoming people.

But, for now, we are just passing through our experience an unforgettable cooking class. Among chefs with Michelin stars and cooks who know every aroma of the region with their eyes closed the difficult thing is to choose but we promise that whatever you choose (between cooking entrees, main courses, desserts), it will be absolutely amazing to learn from those who live and breathe for the kitchen. After the class it’s time to enjoy what you have prepared or a menu prepared by the chef for the occasion, all accompanied with the wines of the wine estate where you are.

We then proceed to an afternoon of historical cultural sightseeing where you will be able to travel back in time, in Evoramonte, and climb to castles where once princesses and knights passed looking from the top of the tower to an Alentejo that seems to have no end. Go through the narrow streets slowly as the sunny days so typical of this region ask in some of the region's best known villages.

To finish the afternoon we will arrive to Arraiolos, a village that was certainly on the map for its famous carpets and where you can enjoy this art live. If you want we can still pass in Aldeia da Terra, a village of clay miniatures, where Portugal is portrayed in a typical art that can only be seen here. In the afternoon we will leave for a regional restaurant where you will be able to taste the regional flavors paired by an excellent Alentejo wine.

We now proceed to the hotel where you will have the rest of the night free to relax.

Day 5

Day to check out and depart for a new reality, the Alentejo coast. There, after checking in and to make the most of it, you will only have the driver at your disposal, the dinner booked at the hotel (for maximum enjoyment) and free days to enjoy and sunbathe on the beach or in the pool, read that book that you have been postpone or know the Alentejo coast with local tips, we promise that it is different from everything you have heard.

Day 6 and 7

Here are repeated days where you can do what you want. We have a driver at your disposal if you want to leave the hotel and go explore the tips we have prepared for you: horseride along the beach, a lunch filled with fresh seafood and a magnificent view of the sea, watch the sunset in Porto Côvo. Or simply continue to relax between the beach and the hotel.

We even included dinner at the hotel so you did not worry about anything.

Day 8

It’s time to check out following the transfer to the airport and return home.

Here ends our services and we say goodbye with certain that we will see you soon!