Harvest Day in the Douro Valley

2 - 6 Persons

Full Day Experience


At 9:30 am our host will be at your hotel waiting to start the totally different experience that we have prepared for you today. For your total comfort you will always be transported in a luxury vehicle where you will have access to wifi, so you can share every moment of your trip, and water.
We will follow to the wine estate where the harvest experience will take place, it can be the Quinta de la Rosa, Quinta da Pacheca, among many others. Tell us what you dream to this day and we will choose the perfect place to make your experience amazing.

At the beginning it’s delivered to you all the material (such as cloth, appropriate shoes and tools) followed by a briefing that will explain the schedule and plans for this day.

It’s now time to go to the vineyards and get to work! It’s harvest time!

At the end of the harvest we will go to the wine cellar area and listen an explanation about all the process since the grapes are received until the next step of the harvest.


At this point we are all ready for a break! It’s time for a traditional lunch with regional food, wines from the wine estate and in the company of your harvest "colleagues". The fun it’s guaranteed!


It follows the “pisa pé” of the grapes, the most authentic wine making process that may have as background traditional live songs and music and to be a true party! And, believe us, the music it’s up to today included in the traditional process!

With this ends your day at the harvest and we will now return to the hotel for the well-deserved rest!


* Note: only valid at harvest time which may vary from year to year.