Douro Valley Uncharted in 1 day

2 - 6 Persons

Full Day Experience


In the morning our host will be waiting for you at the hotel to take you to the meeting point with the geologists who will guide you in your first visit. For your added comfort the whole trip is made in luxury vehicle with wifi, to share all the photos as you return to land, and water.
Welcome to a door to travel back in time, in the Douro Superior we start here by showing you the rock engravings of Penascosa or Canada do Inferno. The private visit will be done on foot and you will be able to appreciate rock engravings being the majority of Paleolithic (difficulty low to average).

The return will be made by the Côa Museum where you will also have a private visit.


Follow the lunch in a typical restaurant and after this we go to the next step of your trip and follow to the International Douro. Here we will visit the Reserve of Faia Brava, extremely known for its rare fauna and flora. The cliffs of the Douro carved into the rock will be impressive to see and you will notice the clear difference of this area with the rest of the Douro Valley that crossed before.


Let yourself be amazed by a real eagle. With almost two feet of wingspan is one of the birds that regularly flies over the park, we have already seen and it is always an unforgettable and imposing spectacle!

If the weather allows, we will do, as an alternative to the walk in the Park, a boat trip where you will certainly feel part of nature through steep cliffs that climb right up to the sky you will see that even the waters of the Douro change color, a different beauty but equally unforgettable.

Finish this journey we will return to the hotel, by land, and say goodbye with you very soon!


* Note: in winter this program will have changes in schedules and order of activities