Douro River Cruise: Trip to Barca D’Alva

4 days / 3 nights

Day 1

At the predetermined time and location - whether at the airport or at the hotel in the city where you spent the night - we will be waiting for you to start a getaway full of surprises and romance and head straight for the Douro Valley. For your total comfort you will always be transported in luxury car where you will have water and wifi so you can share every moment of your journey.

Once in the Douro Valley, we will then begin to explore the beautiful Douro River, where at every turn and every meander of the river you can see renowned quintas, vineyards and unforgettable landscapes, reflected in the undulating waters of the river. For the first stop, we chose a winery full of history, which we will visit by the hand of those who grew up there and where we will taste some of the regional delicacies, paired with their delicious nectars.

After the meal, we will return to the boat and continue upstream to the Tua Valley region where, by jeep, we will discover ways that only the locals know and uncover secrets that are ours alone. We will end the day with a delicious dinner on a small family estate where you can sample some of the wines from their private wine cellar.

We follow the road to the boutique hotel where you will have the rest of the night to relax.

Day 2

We will meet you at the hotel and, by jeep, we will go to our yacht and travel through the waters of the Douro River.

We sail through verdant slopes, full of centuries-old vineyards that hide properties full of history that go unnoticed by the most distracted eyes, in what is considered one of the most beautiful river routes the region offers.

Around lunch time, and after passing the Valeira Dam lock, with a 33-meter gap, we arrived at the place we chose to show you, one more of our secrets of the region: a secular quinta that we will visit, before indulging tasting the Douro delicacies, paired with their wines.

During the afternoon, always upstream, we will arrive at the mouth of the Sabor River, one of the tributaries of the Douro River, where we dock and complete the sailing of this day. Overland we will leave for one of the most famous farms in the region that could be Quinta do Vale Meão, where you will visit the vineyards followed by commented wine tasting.

After the visit we will depart to a Wine Hotel where you can check in and have the rest of the evening to have dinner and relax. We have many more adventures waiting for you!

Day 3

Our guide and local host will be waiting for you at the hotel to start another unforgettable day. Returning to our private yacht we will sail to Barca D´Alva where, by land, we will follow to an exciting journey.

It is now lunch time and in an exclusive place, which could be Quinta de Castelares, we will enjoy the unforgettable views of the Douro that we have just sailed while tasting its incredible wines and recovering energy with a fantastic lunch full of the best flavors that the region has to give us.

We will begin a sightseeing tour that will be a jeep and hiking tour in the beautiful Douro International Natural Park and will include a stop in the picturesque village of Freixo de Espada à Cinta. The afternoon will end with a picnic dinner with the most unforgettable view where the green of the Douro hills merges with the waters of the river.

At the end of the tour across the region we will head to the hotel for a well-deserved night's rest.

Day 4

Check out at the hotel and overland transfer to the airport or wherever it suits you, where we finish our services and say goodbye with a "see you soon"!


* If you have time, we can still, on our way, we can stop for a last visit and wine tasting or maybe a leisurely lunch with some more Douro snacks and paired with wines of the region. We know the right place to continue to surprise you, even before you head home with renewed energy and memories for life of these our secrets, which will be yours from now on!