Bairrada Wine Tour

Full Day Experience


Our guide and host will be waiting for you at the hotel to start an unforgettable day where you will be able to try and see the best of the Bairrada region. For your total comfort you will be traveling in a luxury vehicle where you will also have wifi, to share every moment of your trip, as well as fresh water.

We will start the day with a sightseeing tour in this region that as so much to discover. Between Aveiro and Coimbra, experiencing unique flavours and surprisingly light or sparkling wines, we want to unravel some of the secrets that make Bairrada one of the lesser known regions and, at the same time, one of the most exciting in the Portuguese wine panorama.

Our first stop will be at a renowned wine estate in the Bairrada, the first bottling producer in the region after being demarcated. Here we will take a real plunge into the world of an innovative and passionate enologist, whose motto is to innovate in all harvests and in all new wines. We will visit his property, following by a fantastic wine tasting.


We are now on our way to our next stop. In a region known for its traditional palates and iconic dishes, renowned in all country, we cannot miss one of the restaurants that is a mandatory stop for all locals that travel through this area. Here we’ll taste some of the most famous flavors of Bairrada and take the opportunity to recharge batteries - we still have some surprises to unveil!


After our lunch, we will continue our journey to our final producer. Here, we will start to visit the property, small but with a recognized name in the panorama of Bairrada wines and will end with a wine tasting that can combine different styles of wines, according to your personal taste.
After an unforgettable experience that allowed you to learn about the different production areas of the region and its great wines, it’s now time to return to the hotel, say goodbye and, for sure, “see you soon”.