Algarve Food Secrets

1 - 6 Persons

Full Day Experience


Our guide and host will pick you up from the hotel. For your comfort, you will be transported in luxury car where you will also have wifi to share every moment of your trip and water to refresh yourself.


We will then start an amazing day where you will discover an unknown Algarve full of colors and flavors and delight with the best snacks of the region. In the market that may be in the city of Faro we will, with our chef, select the best products exploring flavors, smells and colors. We will go to the kitchen where, in a workshop with the chef, you will learn how to cook a wonderful cataplana. After class comes the time to delight in its delicious cataplana paired with wines from the region.

In alternative we have also prepared an incredible experience where we combine the discovery of local secrets with Algarve cuisine in a progressive lunch in a walking tour format around the city of Olhão.


For the afternoon we have prepared a truly cultural and fun moment, a tour of the cities of Faro or Olhão, or even both if you want to explore in depth the life in the Algarve that is only known to those who have grown and lived here forever.

The day is coming to an end and lastly we had a sunset cruise. Aboard a luxury yacht sail in the Ria Formosa waters as the sun plunges into the ocean.

In the end we will return to the hotel or, if you prefer, we can give you some suggestions for a tailor-made dinner and end with an “see you soon!” our unforgettable day.


Note: if you are in a distant area of the Algarve we have secrets to share with you throughout the region. Contact us, we have the solution for you!