Casas do Côro

Located in Marialva, Casas do Coro has rooms, suites and villas which all come with a unique décor, combining modern features with some rustic details and pieces. The unit has a large swimming pool, its own chapel, a biological vegetable garden and an Eco Friendly Concept Spa.

Offering an elegant mix of modern furnishings and old-world décor, each unit offers a view over Marialva's historic houses. Some also come with a well-equipped kitchenette and a living room with fireplace.

Guests can enjoy homemade cakes, freshly-made bread and fresh juices during breakfast.

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Casas do Côro - Standard
Casas do Côro - Superior
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Casas do Côro - Superior Curvaceira
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Casa da Vila
Casa da São Tiago - 2 quartos
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Casa de Nossa Senhora de Lurdes
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Casa da Pipa
Casa de São Pedro
Casa com 3 quartos duplos superiores e 1 suite A suite tem uma entrada independente, lareira e uma porta interna com ligação aos quartos
Palhal da Torre do Monte - 1 quarto + beliche
Casa Refúgio das Fragas
Suite do Drama
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Suite dos Bogalhais
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Suite da Corredoura
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Suite de São Pedro
Suite da Pipa
Suite da Torre dos Namorados - 1 quarto + beliche
Suite da Ermida
Suite senhora da Guia - 1 quarto + beliche
Suite with double bed, bunk bed and seating area with fireplace and air conditioning. Bathroom with whirlpool and central heating.