Who we are

Douro is about wine, about the silence of the landscapes, the tastes and the smells, the lost villages, the small wine farms where people produce their own wine for ages, but it’s also about amazing people that open their house to you like they do to old friends.

The land of lush green valleys that produce the best wine and port that Portugal make. Don’t take our word for it, come and experience Douro for yourself!

Luxury accommodation, mesmerizing scenes, historical vineyards: learn about wine & wine tasting, fantastic food and warm inviting Portuguese hospitality... that’s what Douro is about!

Experience D’ouro is a small Portuguese travel agency, whose focus is to promote the Douro Valley region, in Portugal. We are focused in luxury clients, wine lovers, foodies and all people that are looking for an authentic experience in one of the most fantastic places to discover in the world.

Our Team

Why book with us

Experience D’Ouro aims to be more than a simple travel agency. Our goal is not only to sell a trips to those who want to visit our country, it’s much more than that.

We’re focused in our clients! Because all human beings are different, we try to understand their needs, and to help them to have the best time that they ever had, while in our country, in our region, in our home!

Unlike almost all tour operators and travel agencies, we don’t want to “sell the world” to everybody; we seek to provide you one of the best experiences that one can have in one of the most astonishing places in the world: the Douro Valley. And the experiences begins even before you book your trip: you will be able to have a bit of the taste back home with your VR devices and that will be only the beginning. Once you book it, you’II be counting the days to be there, to feel it, to live it. Experience D’Ouro is a celebration of life.

Come and experience it for yourself!